Saturday, November 25, 2006

"and it's been such a long long time.."

It even isn't that life has been that busy. I blame my lack of posting on a simple lack of ambition! I know crazy that it seems, me, Connie, can not seem to get my head or body doing things I should be! That and people like Gigi and Ann and that Dress a Day girl - who actually had a vintage pattern that I am planning on making soon on her site ! (apx Nov 20-06) are so articulate and sew such beautiful things, that I feel pretty silly comparing myself to them.
Sewing wise I have been busy - Finally finished my coat, Micaela's coat, and a few necessary things for me.
Right now my baby is a vintage Mccalls - I will post a pic later. It is truning out quite nicely - who knows, I may even get around to reviewing it!
SO there! I have posted! Next post will be about my trip to New York City and the loverly fabric I bought there.