Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wedding Dress....the laced up back

This is turning out to be quite a challenge - this laced up back.
The lacing holes were a cinch - I did a couple of million when I made my wedding dress. The trick is getting the layout right. I visited a friend of Kate's who had a laced back wedding dress and measured her "openings". They were 1 centimetre "wide" by 2.5 centimetres long, and placed exactly next to each other. I made a grid on paper using those measurements. I sewed 2 long bias tubes - very narrow(I think 3/8 of an inch), turned them, stretched and pressed the heck out of them and also inserted some (I think) rattail. That is what I call it anyways. That was to add stability to the holes. The next step was to baste the bias tube on to the paper, decide on the EXACT placement of the tube on the dress back and (cross my fingers!) sew the lacing, and paper to the fashion fabric and the corset.
I stabilized the lace-up by sewing a strip of organza on the wrong side of the dress.
It looks bee-uu-ti--ful! See for yourself- keep in mind that I do not have the actual lacing up sewn yet- so the lacing is just ribbon.She also wants a modesty panel under the lacing - I made it out of the lace and the peau de soi (SPELLING!) and will embellish it like the lace will be.
Speaking of lace - we are a step farther on that too. My wonderful mother came over and we fit the lace on to the dress. One side came out just like I had planned - the other side was extremely wierd but looks as perfect as the other side. Without photos it is difficult to explain. Let's just say I was glad Kate was not there - although Micaela may extort some money from us to keep her quiet regarding our worries!
Mom has taken the lace home to begin the embellishment. There are 170 separate medallions and 34 medallions on the fancy lace edge. Each of the medallions is to have 4 curved rows of sequins - individually sewn on! I saw her yesterday and she said she already has 10 medallions complete. She did guilt me into promising to come help when I have a few minutes to help.
I had 400 Swarovski crystals - glue on, but decided that is not near enough. I have an Ebay bid for 1440 more! We also have about 100 sew on Swarovski crystal beads that Kate would like on the bodice area.

Next up - She decided she wants sleevey things! And the hem is done!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

O WOW - a couturesmith heaven!

This is what my darling daughter Erica sent me via email...

Antiques..small furniture pieces, smalls,huge collection of antique and vintage linens
Household and outdoor things
Yards and yards of exquisite fabrics including velvets, lace, linens, cottons, blends, bridal satins, sheers and much, much more.
Beads and trims of all sorts going individually or as a job lot...try an offer!!
Goods are from an exclusive event dressing/bridal studio. and gently used.
Wedding dress samples of various sizes and designs.
Everything needs to go!!

Did I go? You bet your booties! Did I spend - well of course! When I got there, there was just some -okay alot- of clothes on racks and some random antiques. I saw an old piece of architectural gingerbread that I picked up- but saw no fabric. I would have thought "lost leader", but fabric as a lost leader - I think not!

Someone near me happened to mention "linens"? The lady said "oh yes I forgot!" So she led us to not one, not two, but THREE of those drive up to storage units. One was full of stuff, another linens and wedding dresses- I didn't even get to that one! and the third was chock full of fabric bolts, buttons, beads, you name it - she had it! I managed to get away with 6 bolts of fabric, a lifetime supply of tracing paper - the kind with dots, and some simply fabulous findings- antique buttons anyone?

Ahhhh a fun Saturday morning doing some "storage unit diving" - I could do with more of those!