Saturday, June 02, 2007

O WOW - a couturesmith heaven!

This is what my darling daughter Erica sent me via email...

Antiques..small furniture pieces, smalls,huge collection of antique and vintage linens
Household and outdoor things
Yards and yards of exquisite fabrics including velvets, lace, linens, cottons, blends, bridal satins, sheers and much, much more.
Beads and trims of all sorts going individually or as a job lot...try an offer!!
Goods are from an exclusive event dressing/bridal studio. and gently used.
Wedding dress samples of various sizes and designs.
Everything needs to go!!

Did I go? You bet your booties! Did I spend - well of course! When I got there, there was just some -okay alot- of clothes on racks and some random antiques. I saw an old piece of architectural gingerbread that I picked up- but saw no fabric. I would have thought "lost leader", but fabric as a lost leader - I think not!

Someone near me happened to mention "linens"? The lady said "oh yes I forgot!" So she led us to not one, not two, but THREE of those drive up to storage units. One was full of stuff, another linens and wedding dresses- I didn't even get to that one! and the third was chock full of fabric bolts, buttons, beads, you name it - she had it! I managed to get away with 6 bolts of fabric, a lifetime supply of tracing paper - the kind with dots, and some simply fabulous findings- antique buttons anyone?

Ahhhh a fun Saturday morning doing some "storage unit diving" - I could do with more of those!

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