Friday, January 19, 2007

Saga of a Passport

Lorna asked me to tell all about the experiecnce of obtaining a Canadian Passport the week before the USA implements its "if you fly into or over American land you must have a valid passport" rules.
I missed the part about flying OVER US airspace until I was coming home this afternoon. Good thing as it would have made me really concerned - as it was I thought "oh well if I get it I get it, if I don't no biggie, we are only going to the Dominican and you do not need a passport for that."

So, last week I filled out Mike's passport on line. This in itself was a feat as the site only supports certain versions of certain browsers. One of our computers worked for this purpose- thank goodnes! There used to be no lilneup if you filled the forms out online, but the stupid newspaper published that little known fact and now the lineups are the same as if you didn't have the foresight.
Mike finally got his pictures taken and forms signed by our pharmas... pharmisi..shoot - drug doctor- you know wht I mean!
I decided to devote today- friday- to the passport cause. I have heard about the horrendous lineups, my sister waited 6 hours, a friend 8 hours- yuck! I brought a book and a good attitude! Really it was my own fault - weeelll Mikes own fault! We could have done this months ago, but of course waited til the last minute.
I put 3$ in the meter, and walked across the parking lot. A guy came over and informed me that he had been waiting 3 hours and just kept leaving and checking back. They give you a number at the door - you probably know the drill from the other places - there is a digital sign that tells what number is up.
But SWEET- you don't actually have to sit and wait if you don't want to?!
When I got to the door, i was given a number. This was at 11:00am. The security guard told me that I might not be seen today. My number was 983- I forgot to see what number they were at.
So I took my number and left. Went to Fabricland - where else! and bought a few odds and ends I needed- only odds and ends as Lauren still had my card from when she picked up some lace for me last week- shoot!
I stopped in at Sears Outlet and picked up a couple of summer skirts and shorts- no time to sew any before I leave! Then the Dollar Store looking for things for table centrepieces for the play. Next stop was Michaels. 90 metres of tulle later and 100$ poorer, i was ready for food. I hit the drive through at HArveys and then decided to head back. I was going to park at the High School, but those dumb busses were blocking the driveway. I found a convenient meter - with 2 hours of time left on it! As it was now 2:30 and the passport office closed at 4:30, I figured that would be about right!
When I walked in to the office I took a glance at the board - to my surprise they were at 982!! I was next in line! The security guard looked at my number and exclaimed - "hey you should be here" To which I replied happily "well, here I am!"
5 minutes later and some friendly conversation with the clerk/teller/guy behind the counter, and I was OUT! The passport will be ready to be picked up on FEB 2!

Total time spent involved with the passport today - 3 1/2 hours. Total time spent actually in the passport office - less than 10 minutes!!

Should I buy a lottery ticket today?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A silly crazy Woman

I just today realized what a silly woman I am. At this moment in time I have 3 dresses at the machine, drapes for 5 windows- 5 valances, 10 jabots and 6 long curtains, another dress for myself that needs to be BEGUN and costumes for 7 people that need to be altered. It would help if the rehersal hall was warm so that they would even want to try on summer costumes!
And now I just put on my list 2 pair of shorts, and a skirt.
Keep in mind that this all has to be done by Feb 8! Well the drapes could wait but they are right now hanging all over the house.
I don't know why I do this to myself- I have non sewing deadlines coming out of my noodle. 2 reports to be done by tomorrow morning, bills to pay, a shower to plan, ski patrol duty twice a week and that play - oh that play. I am down to Tuesday evenings being mine all mine and I am getting a bit testy with people who even try to call me on that night.
pictures of the dresses in production have been taken - but I am on the wrong computer to download them. later !

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Now that I finally have pictures that work, I have a reason to post!
I have never really liked the way our living room looks. The walls- blue- did not match the sofa and wing chairs at all. The room is not warm and inviting. Kate offered to paint the room over her Christmas break - lovely girl. We chose a warm green, with grey overtones. The room definately needed curtains though. Here are the windows bare.
There are 5 windows in total- three in the bay, one on an adjacent wall and a very large one where the front door used to be on the staircase. The photos are way too dark so you cannot tell that there is a 7inch molding and the top molding is curved, and there is a 5 inch window sill. We had the windows and molding custom made- read $$$$- and hate to cover it all up! - I will photoshop them later. 26 metres of silk and 5 metres of camel velvet later, I just had to decide on a "look" Simplicity 5474 was the answer.
Mom came over to help sew on Saturday so soooon they will be ready for hanging and the final picture!

Micaela and Kent

Hmm for some reason my posts lately have been about our offspring - not sewing! Bear with me - I will get over it. Just be warned that I do have 5!
As well I have decided to make use of Picasa - the Google online photo album. Maybe now my uploaded pictures will not mysteriously disappear.
Micaela decided last month to move to Vancouver along with her boyfriend of 5 months. Yes, little miss "boys are stupid and only worth one date" and "dad you can eat his letter" ( an inside Christmas family joke about the Dutch tradition of giving out chocolate letters) has grown up!
She has worked hard the past 4 years, earning not one but 2 honours degrees - English and Phyc, and spending 6 months in South Africa. We really cannot now begrudge her an adventure!
We were sad to see her go but realized that this is what parents are supposed to do- raise their children to be the best possible people they can be and let them go. It is hard though.

The first is of Mic and Mike and I before she leaves. Notice the light streak- Kate and I also saw 3 shooting stars on the way to the airport- harbinger of good luck we hope.

Micaela and Kent at the airport - Mic in her new coat made by moi!

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Wedding to plan for....

Kate and Scottie got engaged on Christmas Eve- a real surprise for everyone - but we love Scott so it is a good surprise! They are hoping for October 20- if only the venue people would call back!
I have promised to NOT be the mother from hell! You know what - it is hard! We went to a bridal show last Sunday along with Scotts mother- Lorraine- it is really incredible how expensive and elaborate this whole wedding thing has become - if they took the contribution we are making for the wedding - they could put a down payment down on a house! And FOUR more to go after this one too!

So as chief (albiet self proclaimed) wedding dress designer and builder, I have been faithfully scouting patterns. I thought of this oneBut all I got was "Mom why do you have such a "thing" for the 50's?"

okay then- I showed her the one that has been above my sewing machine for 2 years...

...and I got "the look"

Okay I know when to shut up and sulk! I will show them to Erica - she and I have the same taste and she and Denis will be engaged....sooner or later!