Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Now that I finally have pictures that work, I have a reason to post!
I have never really liked the way our living room looks. The walls- blue- did not match the sofa and wing chairs at all. The room is not warm and inviting. Kate offered to paint the room over her Christmas break - lovely girl. We chose a warm green, with grey overtones. The room definately needed curtains though. Here are the windows bare.
There are 5 windows in total- three in the bay, one on an adjacent wall and a very large one where the front door used to be on the staircase. The photos are way too dark so you cannot tell that there is a 7inch molding and the top molding is curved, and there is a 5 inch window sill. We had the windows and molding custom made- read $$$$- and hate to cover it all up! - I will photoshop them later. 26 metres of silk and 5 metres of camel velvet later, I just had to decide on a "look" Simplicity 5474 was the answer.
Mom came over to help sew on Saturday so soooon they will be ready for hanging and the final picture!

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Lorna said...

I can't wait to see the final shots of the windows. The view alone is wonderful. One of these days when Bri is back I will have to come visit the farm.