Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Micaela and Kent

Hmm for some reason my posts lately have been about our offspring - not sewing! Bear with me - I will get over it. Just be warned that I do have 5!
As well I have decided to make use of Picasa - the Google online photo album. Maybe now my uploaded pictures will not mysteriously disappear.
Micaela decided last month to move to Vancouver along with her boyfriend of 5 months. Yes, little miss "boys are stupid and only worth one date" and "dad you can eat his letter" ( an inside Christmas family joke about the Dutch tradition of giving out chocolate letters) has grown up!
She has worked hard the past 4 years, earning not one but 2 honours degrees - English and Phyc, and spending 6 months in South Africa. We really cannot now begrudge her an adventure!
We were sad to see her go but realized that this is what parents are supposed to do- raise their children to be the best possible people they can be and let them go. It is hard though.

The first is of Mic and Mike and I before she leaves. Notice the light streak- Kate and I also saw 3 shooting stars on the way to the airport- harbinger of good luck we hope.

Micaela and Kent at the airport - Mic in her new coat made by moi!

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