Friday, February 02, 2007

Tagged !

Ah Lorna - you found me! no more blogging to myself!
So as I understand it, when you are tagged you have to write 5 things no one knows about you in bloggerland, then you tag 5 other people. That last part will have to wait until I actualy KNOW 5 people who have not been tagged!

Point One- I had to ask my husband out on our first date! The first time I saw him was in our driveway - he was asking my dad for a construction job. That long, blonde hair, that yellow was love at first sight. After hanging around the construction site for weeks, even to the point of helping out, grabbing the coffee and cookie tray that my sister had prepared and passing it off as my own- typical teenager in love antics, I just couldn't wait any longer for him to make the first move. So I asked - and the rest is history!

Point Two- I never wanted daughters. That looks bad in black and white! To my defense, I had always worked with boys- at day camps, throughout college, it was always young boys I dealt with. Girls were silly, frivolous and whiney. i wanted 12 boys -an even dozen. imagine my surprise when we had not one, not two -but FIVE little girls. Now I think - what in the world were you thinking, wanting boys!

Point Three- I quit college! One semester left and I quit! I blame my high school guidance counselor. I wanted to go to university for Agriculture, but she said "girls don't do agriculture". Silly 18 year old me believed her and I took Child Care (now community and youth worker) at College. I knew it was not for me-oh I got good marks and enjoyed the co-ops, but my heart was not in it. So i got married, got pregnant(in that order too thank you very much) and when Erica was born decided not to finish.
There is a post script to that story. The next year I applied to University - for Agriculture naturally- and got my degree by distance ed. It took 6 years, but I graduated top of the class and recieved the Minister of Agriculture Award of Excellence to boot. So there Ms Medway High School Guidance Counsellor!!

Point Four- My secret dream job is to be a back up singer! I think it would be so cool to stand there on stage and not have to worry about being the star - but be the uber-cool girl doing the do-waps in the background.

Point Five - My writing has gotten me TWO makeovers! I have a knack for writing what people want to read- not that this blog is any evidence of that! I wrote a letter to Canadian Living back in 1993 giving them all the reasons why I needed a makeover and less than 2 months later got the phone call! They brought all of us to Toronto and gave us ALL new hairstyles. Mike, darling husband that he is, had to ask how much his cut would cost if he was paying for it. He just about fell out of his chair when they told him $40. He was paying $2 at the time! The Canadian Living crew came out to the farm - a first for most of them- and we had a winter clothing photo shoot on the hottest day of July! The change was from long frizzy/curly hair to a very short pixie cut.
The second time i wrote a letter to the local TV station which was in the process of doing on air makeovers. That time it only took 3 days from emailing the letter to the phone call! A nice long day of pampering later I was a TV star! Well- in my own mind anyways! That change? blonde curly just above shoulder length to RED shorter hair! Now I am not sure if it was my writing skills or my obvious need for a make-over that gave me the nod!

Okay 5 points! Now I am off to nurse this silly bug I picked up. I have to make sure my cast and crew do not catch it from me, AND make sure I am over it before we head off to the Dominican Republic next week.