Saturday, August 12, 2006

A short post today - I know I haven't been posting much lately, however lack of MY digital camera (ahem Lauren!) limits somewhat the scope of what I want to say!
Thorndales Annual Garage Sale was today and I dragged a friend out to see what Thorndalites were pulling out of basements and garages this year. Sad to say only one place with sewing patterns. This cute circa 1972 halter/wrap I picked up for a mere 25 cents! Of course I had to have it.
Notice that it comes from the Northland Polka Dot. Remember Polka Dot - before Fabricland bought them out? The Northland store was the first fabric store I ever went to. Not the favourite- that was Duthlers (spelling?)in downtown London- according to my mother the "only" place to buy anything decent in the way of fabric. Of course it too went the way of the dinosaur!
Off to a wedding this afternoon. I hope the drycleaners has my silk dress ready! I will post a decent photo of it (once I get one LAuren!) and a Patternreview review as well.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Simple White Tee

What ever happened to my "Connie you may not start another project until all of your UFO's are finished"? I had good intentions - really I did. I am almost finished the livingroom pillows, the Cabo halter is - well it is on the sewing counter, the Hot Patterns Bianca Jacket (whispering) "I threw it out - I ACTUALLY threw it out!", Kates tshirt is awaiting the proper colour thread. So see there - I am almost caught up!
And it really is Patternreviews fault. If I hadnt signed up for the T-shirt class, I would never have dug out alllll my tshirt patterns and I would not have remembered that I want a shirt with a gathered front.
So I dug out some white fabric, an old New Look pattern 6779- and my trusty copy of Patternmaking for Fashion Design. Thanks so much for whoever made me purchase that book.
Here is a picture of what I wanted to achieve, and how I did it.

I did it a bit too well I am afraid. While the tee is definately wearable, it is a lot too gathered and the back neckline gapes horribly. Funny since I did not alter the back neck except to lower it a titch. I will post a photo later, and try to sew up a new version tonight.
....remembering that experiments are fun, Connie, FUN!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Spadea mail order - Vintage
In my quest for the "perfect" wrap dress- Okay I really crave the Furstenburg one but I refuse to spend $115!- I found this vintage number on Ebay and only spent about $5.00. "Spadea Couture Pattern # 73324- this Spadea Boutique wrap dress is a perfect version of the short formal. The plain sleeveless bodice crosses to the left side forming a V-neckline. The skirt is full and the left side is graduated to a tie at the waist."

Will I actually make it? ummm not sure - I am not a full skirt fan - these hips don't need more attention. I think if I draft a narrower skirt - but then can I still keep the flutter at the left side of the skirt?

I had never heard of the Spadea line before. The envelope is postmarked July 1976 from G Street Remnant Shop in Washington DC. While I found some other patterns out there, there was not a lot of actual info on the company. Here is what I did find
" Spadea was another of the mail order companies.
These patterns are among the most prized by collectors.
Many of the important and popular designers of the
1950s and 1960s designed patterns for Spadea, including
Ceil Chapman, Jo Copeland, Suzy Perette and Lachasse
of London."

That was from The Vintage Fashion Guild

Does anyone have any more info out there?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Let's see if I learned my "lesson for the day- how to post actual pictures as opposed to hyperlinks"!

This is supposed to be a picture of a dress that I am in love with for the fall. I am embarrassed to say that the fabric I bought for it is similar to the one in the photograph! The squares are a bit smaller. I think I bought enough fabric (yay Emmaonesock) to make some more city shorts too.
By George I think she's got it!

And all I wanted to do was sew

(reposting this from an incorrect spot!)
But what did I actually do? Clean the house- by clean I mean stripped beds- 5 of them for goodness sake, organize the girl's rooms while they are gone for the summer, wash windows, scrub tubs, toilets, sinks, vaccuum ARRG! Maybe I won't even need the use of Flybaby a decluttering website that everybody in the word but me seems to have known about forever. How could I have missed it when one of the basic premises of the whole thing seems to generate from a book my mom gave me(YES she was hinting loudly!) at least 10 years ago. Did I think about sewing? oh yes, and caught up on all the lovely articulate blogs that I seem to be gravitating to lately. bad me - reading and writing about sewing is not going to get you new pretty things!So what am I working on - glad you asked, but be forewarned - pretty boring! Curtains for the Kate = yellow for her new bedroom and pretty green and white floral for her front door. A lovely Amy Butler Cabo Halter that I am making from a vintage black and white dress that used to be my moms, or my aunts, or maybe my grandmothers. I will post a picture when I am done. My next project is a few jackets, as I am taking a jacket lining course at Patternreview. One will be the Hotpatterns Bianca jacket, one a jaquard jean jacket and I also want to try a new Vogue Pattern.and now for the quote of the day....I am woman! I am invincible! I am pooped! ~Author Unknown


One would think it was simple- think up a clever little blogger name, a password and voila- a blog that shows the world what an amazing, witty person you are! There are, however, the little things that seem to get in my way-
1. I forgot my signin for blog A 2. I created a new blog.
That led to 3. I seem to remember one when I want to remember the other.
4. How DO you add pictures, side bars other peoples blog links

Oh it is way too hot 95.5 F according to the barn thermometer at noon! So instead of real posting (or sewing!) I am going to get all this blog stuff figured out. I am going to consolidate both sites. and get rid of one- hopfully the correct one!