Saturday, August 12, 2006

A short post today - I know I haven't been posting much lately, however lack of MY digital camera (ahem Lauren!) limits somewhat the scope of what I want to say!
Thorndales Annual Garage Sale was today and I dragged a friend out to see what Thorndalites were pulling out of basements and garages this year. Sad to say only one place with sewing patterns. This cute circa 1972 halter/wrap I picked up for a mere 25 cents! Of course I had to have it.
Notice that it comes from the Northland Polka Dot. Remember Polka Dot - before Fabricland bought them out? The Northland store was the first fabric store I ever went to. Not the favourite- that was Duthlers (spelling?)in downtown London- according to my mother the "only" place to buy anything decent in the way of fabric. Of course it too went the way of the dinosaur!
Off to a wedding this afternoon. I hope the drycleaners has my silk dress ready! I will post a decent photo of it (once I get one LAuren!) and a Patternreview review as well.

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