Friday, July 27, 2007

Who needs a cottage!

I was walking to the house from the barn the other day -a beautiful July afternoon, with just the right amount of sun and beautiful whipped clouds in the sky. It is on days such as these that I am glad that I live where I do. My most favourite thing in the world to do is to sit with a glass of wine - or a GandT, and sew or read on our front porch. Here is a glimpse of my "porch with a view"

Weddings and dresses

A bride I know who is getting married this weekend called me up yesterday and said to tell Miss Kate to elope as the total stress of the wedding was overwhelming. I mentioned that little fact to Kate's fiance who said- "what's so difficult- as far as I can see we both show up, I wear a tux and that is all we need" MEN!
Did I mention that the dress bodice is done??!! Kate is trying to decide whether she wants beading on the bodice or not. Here is a shot..okay three shots....a row of chiffon pinned on
The bodice - complete - but not yet steamed We had a little lace sequining party last night. Mom, Kate, Lauren and myself, with my dad offering glue (again MEN!) and drinks. Our very own little sweatshop!Here is the Bride working on a piece of the train.This shot is of Lauren - little Miss Thorndale Fair Junior and Senior Royal past winner (baking/sewing and crafts)
I especially like this shot of mom's hands- those hands don't look 70 do they? She can do absolutely ANYTHING with them. Like me, sewing is her passion although quilting and other hand work is her forte. And little old me- bent over that lace thinking "why the double 7 3 4 upside down did we not just buy the friggin already embellished lace"!! By the way -does anyone have ANY sleeve ideas"
...did I mention the bodice is done?!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm off to Ottawa for a few days. Our Baby Lauren is off to University and we have an orientation tour booked. I am excited to visit our best friends Karl and Katrin- we get there a few times a year and they are always so hospitable. Sadly, Lorna will be out of town, but I promised to visit Darrel Thomas Fabrics while I am there. Things you do for your friends! I also will drop in at Rockland Textiles . I happened upon this fabric store a few years ago when Katrin first started working in Ottawa. It's only a few miles from Carleton University, so it's almost criminal not to.
While in Ottawa we are going to the Renoir Exhibit at the National Gallery. I adore Renoir and Katrin says it is a great exhibit. I know that Erica would appreciate this more than Lauren - sorry Er! We will have to visit Lauren this winter and catch another one!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


While browsing sewing related blogs today- I know, I know - I should be sewing instead! Anyways, I was at Leora's Journey to Couture and noticed that she has a link to her PatternReview reviews. Totally cool - I wish I had thought of that.
So check out if my own PatternReview link works. I really should update and publish the myriad of reviews I have started!
Off to see "Hairspray" with my favourite FiveBlondes and entourage. I'm sure they will post a review of it soon.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saga of a Wedding dress...

Oh the ruching. I think it only took me 20 hours - and 10 trips to the chiropractor!
The bodice is going to be a crossover done with ruching silk chiffon. I experimented with just gathering and pressing the silk chiffon, however it did not look quite "right". I ended up cutting a large bias piece of the silk and hand stitching each row on to the bodice. We didn't want a perfect look - so the rows very from 1/8 to 1/4 inches apart. I let the chiffon "talk to me" about where it wanted to go - for the most part. I had to take over a few times!! This photo is just the start - about twenty-five percent done. The number of rows you ask- hmmm, I did not count - I promise I will. It looks good- even Kate of little positive critiques said "wow, that looks pretty"! I still need to add the Swarovski crystals. They will be randomly scattered over the bodice and the top area of the lace as well.
We have decided to use a ribbon to delineate where the silk and lace meet. That will make things very easy at that juncture.
I still have not decided where to go with the sleeves. At the moment there are two options. 1. more ruched chiffon.
2. lace
The sleeves will be little caps that sit on the shoulder point. They won't really hold anything up, but add a bit more coverage for church. Kate thinks she wants them off for the reception. Her choice.
My mother called in a tizzy yesterday. She is worried that the lace will not be sequined in time- come on mom 7000 sequins- a cinch! Kidding.....
The girls and I are going to go over and work on it whenever we have time. I think a lacing bee is called for.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

What to do, What to do!

I came across this program offered at the University of Guelph. It is a Diploma in Agricultural Communications and is an 18 month, 5 course program "The Diploma in Agricultural Communications is designed for agricultural managers, communication and public relations officers, agrologists, journalists and freelance professionals. Enhance and strengthen your ability to communicate complex issues about agriculture, agri-food, the environment and life sciences within industry organizations, government, non-governmental organizations, and special interest groups." Right up my alley!
I have always been interested in writing especially with an agricultural slant. For a few years when the kids were young I wrote occasionally for a local farm paper and have always been "the public relations person" for organizations that I belong too. This would be a great opportunity to learn more about the field and get back into practice.
The course load is not too bad - especially since it is mostly a distance ed course with some on campus time. The cost may be the sticky point. Putting 5 girls through university has taken a financial toll, not to mention the upcoming wedding!
I think I will call my accountant to see if it is a business expense, and look into bursaries or scholarships.
Now to talk Mike into it!