Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Spadea mail order - Vintage
In my quest for the "perfect" wrap dress- Okay I really crave the Furstenburg one but I refuse to spend $115!- I found this vintage number on Ebay and only spent about $5.00. "Spadea Couture Pattern # 73324- this Spadea Boutique wrap dress is a perfect version of the short formal. The plain sleeveless bodice crosses to the left side forming a V-neckline. The skirt is full and the left side is graduated to a tie at the waist."

Will I actually make it? ummm not sure - I am not a full skirt fan - these hips don't need more attention. I think if I draft a narrower skirt - but then can I still keep the flutter at the left side of the skirt?

I had never heard of the Spadea line before. The envelope is postmarked July 1976 from G Street Remnant Shop in Washington DC. While I found some other patterns out there, there was not a lot of actual info on the company. Here is what I did find
" Spadea was another of the mail order companies.
These patterns are among the most prized by collectors.
Many of the important and popular designers of the
1950s and 1960s designed patterns for Spadea, including
Ceil Chapman, Jo Copeland, Suzy Perette and Lachasse
of London."

That was from The Vintage Fashion Guild

Does anyone have any more info out there?

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