Friday, January 12, 2007

A Wedding to plan for....

Kate and Scottie got engaged on Christmas Eve- a real surprise for everyone - but we love Scott so it is a good surprise! They are hoping for October 20- if only the venue people would call back!
I have promised to NOT be the mother from hell! You know what - it is hard! We went to a bridal show last Sunday along with Scotts mother- Lorraine- it is really incredible how expensive and elaborate this whole wedding thing has become - if they took the contribution we are making for the wedding - they could put a down payment down on a house! And FOUR more to go after this one too!

So as chief (albiet self proclaimed) wedding dress designer and builder, I have been faithfully scouting patterns. I thought of this oneBut all I got was "Mom why do you have such a "thing" for the 50's?"

okay then- I showed her the one that has been above my sewing machine for 2 years...

...and I got "the look"

Okay I know when to shut up and sulk! I will show them to Erica - she and I have the same taste and she and Denis will be engaged....sooner or later!

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Marji said...

That second one is an EvaDress pattern isn't it?
My dsd asked me last night to make her prom dress again this year...silly me, I'm ecstatic!
She's chosen a 50's style already.