Thursday, January 18, 2007

A silly crazy Woman

I just today realized what a silly woman I am. At this moment in time I have 3 dresses at the machine, drapes for 5 windows- 5 valances, 10 jabots and 6 long curtains, another dress for myself that needs to be BEGUN and costumes for 7 people that need to be altered. It would help if the rehersal hall was warm so that they would even want to try on summer costumes!
And now I just put on my list 2 pair of shorts, and a skirt.
Keep in mind that this all has to be done by Feb 8! Well the drapes could wait but they are right now hanging all over the house.
I don't know why I do this to myself- I have non sewing deadlines coming out of my noodle. 2 reports to be done by tomorrow morning, bills to pay, a shower to plan, ski patrol duty twice a week and that play - oh that play. I am down to Tuesday evenings being mine all mine and I am getting a bit testy with people who even try to call me on that night.
pictures of the dresses in production have been taken - but I am on the wrong computer to download them. later !

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