Saturday, April 14, 2007

Project Runway - Canadian style eh!

At least three people have stopped me this week to ask me if I knew about the Canadian version of Project Runway - and whether or not I was going to enter! As if! I know I sew well - but designing is another thing altogether. Now there is real talent. My little copy -copy act is pretty meek comparatively. "But you are designing Kate's wedding dress.." Wedding dresses are a cinch to design. Cop out? yes! I am just plain too scared of rejection on the fashion front to ever put myself out there like that.
All of you Canadian Project Runway wanna be's - the deadline has been extended to April 27- not a good thing methinks. They must be getting desperate if there are posters at! Fabricland stores. For the record I saw the poster in the Fashion District in Toronto.
So hurry on over to Daughter Kate scoped it out for me and you need a portfolio of your work - maximum 8 pieces- drawings, images or photos. You also need a an audition tape - gosh I'd need a recorder too!
I can see it now- I would be that sad little thing who they all laugh about when I leave the room!
I think I need to get satellite tv before this baby airs!

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Lorna said...

Oh my ... who is judging and will Tim Gunn come and visit???? I'll be watching and if you don't get satellite, I'll send you DVD's by courier next day ...