Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm feeling HOT HOT HOT

Sizzling! That is the only word for the weather here this week. I believe it hit 37 degrees celcius yesterday- and for those of us without airconditioning - that is almost unbearable. I had wonderful intentions of cutting out and sewing two of these blouses yesterday.
I even had the fabric all ready to go- a lovely white cotton with minor ruffling. The heat however, coupled with a dickens of a head cold-"Connie it must be allergies" said my darling, albiet nonsensical husband- "I (insert haughty italics there), do not have allergies"! ANYWAYS, I ended up doing nothing but reading and watching some dumb TV movie that I do not even know the name of! So much for good intentions.
I do hope that one of these days I get sewing ambitions again. Everything seems to be so much work - even though I know it really isn't. Maybe once this heat wave breaks I will feel differently.
What I really should do is a SWAP - Most of my sewing projects are whims. I crave this pattern, or that fabric one day, then a different pattern and totally different fabric the next. I see lovely things in stores, and my creative juices ran rampant. And of course I can MAKE them so much cheaper, and better quality. But do I get a round to it? NO! So now here I am with nothing that goes with anything, and Me- with a closet full of clothes and fabric enough to cloth a large army- I have nothing to wear.

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Lorna said...

I love this pattern as well, although my version is a KS one. I like the sleeve variations on yours, though. I may have to copy those if I ever get around to doing mine. I bought it 2 years ago and have yet to open it!