Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pattern Review and Pattern Reviews

Just came home from an absolutely wonderful couple of days in NYC with some very special friends. No Mike not Virtual Friends- real friends! Too tired right now to share anything, but I was reminded - not so very gently!- that none of the clothes I was wearing had been reviewed. Yes I am lax.
So here is a list of the reviews I promise to post on Pattern Review and here in the next week- or as soon as the desktop computer monitor gets replaced...

1. The only pants pattern that I use - Vogue something or other
2. A jacket that is either Vogue or MC Calls
3. The fabulous vintage dress
4. MOB dress
5. Wedding dress #1
6. Linen Dress and Jacket- Vogue

I cross my heart, stick a finger in my eye promise that I will get them up - I even wrote most of them on the 12 hour train ride!!


Lauren Bontje said...

hey mom! can you check your facebook? I need it by tomorrow, since thats when the deadline for the security application is! thanks, hope you had fun in NYC!

Rhoto said...

Hi Connie!!
SO glad you could go to the PR Week-end. AND that you could represent we Canadians, eh!!
12-hour train ride!! Did ViaRail go thru Montreal on your way to NYC? And then down?
Just hoping... Maybe we could ride along together next year, eh!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)