Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

What a week- I found out the hard way this week that I am allergic to Amoxillin! Suffice it to say that my face looked like a chipmunk and my lips looked like I was addicted to collagen injections ! I am feeling like a normal human being now although for a few days I actually spent most of my time in bed- getting nothing accomplished!

I decided that I want to make aprons for my sisters, sisters in law and both moms. That means 8 more aprons to be done by Monday. Yes I am nuts! Luckily I have all the fabric I need, and there are lots of hours in a day.

Newly married Katelyn came over today for some sewing help. The entrance to her basement has no door and is right at her entrance. Her two new grandmothers are coming over for a visit tomorrow and she wants it to look "nice". We (I only helped with measuring and pinning. She did all the sewing! ) got the panel done in record time. The grommets had us fretting for a few minutes as we could not get them to "lock" with just hand pressure and a hammer was not doing the job either. We grabbed an old hardcover book, centred everything and gave the book a good hard whack. That did the trick.

Oh yes -I have some news! Good news! I got another job. Now most of you who read this do not know much about my non-sewing life. I do have a job- I am a farmer. Buuutt if I am not super, over busy I get bored, so I am always on the lookout for something that sounds interesting. The new job - and yes I still get to keep my old job too- involves doing insurance adjusting for a government agricultural agency. It should not be fullfull time - that means at times it will be full time and other times not so busy. I am looking forward to starting in two weeks! As Kate would say "Yay Me!"
Some Christmas photos to angel..the last christmas ornament the girls ever gave to my grandmother...this ornament made by my motherHerman the cata paperpieced nativity scene that I - appropriately finished while on a tour of Israel, the girls stockings made years ago and a Santa that my mom made many years ago. Treasures all

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Summerset said...

Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for posting your treasures - we all have those things that are special to us! Herman is a cutie, too.