Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is this YOU?

'Cause it is me to a tee!

I have a lot of interests outside of sewing. I ski, I cycle and I play golf. All of those I do regularly. Other activities such as curling, hiking, and cross country skiing, I do occassionally.

Let's take last month for instance. We were invited to a fundraising curling bonspeil. So do I read up on curling, the correct stretches, the techniques etc..?


I research what one wears while curling and proceed to make an outfit!

How about cycling? I try to do 15K 3 times a week during "Ontario Cycle Wimp Season" That would be May to October for us cold wimps.

I have 6 cycling patterns, including shorts, shirts, jackets, and panniers, but have yet to design the "perfect outfit". Hence I cycle in 10 year old Dragon Boat racing shorts and an old tee.

Golf - same story - Lots of ideas - just no just the right attire. Have you ever PURCHASED golf wear? You can spend an entire salary on a skirt! I am crazy not to develop a golf line of women's wear considering I am part owner of a course for goodness sakes!

Skiing- I am a Ski Patrol (hoping by the way to Patrol at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver)
What do I wear under my jacket and pants? The rattiest old fleece in all of Thorndale! Either that or handme downs from the girls and their racing/instructing wardrobe.

Okay I admit that I did make a great pair of ski pants and gloves, but even THEY need replacing after 8 years of hard wear.

So tell me - does THIS cartoon describe YOU to a tee?


Miss Coleen said...

Too Funny!!!!

Gwen said...

Hi Connie! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog (weddingdresssaga) - it really meant a lot to me because I subscribe to yours and just poured over your wedding dress story on Pattern Review. I don't think I'll be able to live up to your level of accomplishment, but it sure is inspiring! :)

MarilynB said...

This is under the same category as the cobbler's kids having no shoes. I am guilty of taping the hem of my skirt at work when I should have a needle and thread in my desk drawer. Love your blog.

Summerset said...

Absolutely. You really don't want to know what my workout gear looks like. If you think that's bad, my mountain biking gear is worse. Of course, I *expect* that to get filthy, so I wear the rattiest t-shirts, socks and tennis shoes for biking. I do try to have good shorts - don't want to wear a pair that the padding has been worn down in. Skiing - well, I currently wear my husband's old thermal top, plus whatever turtleneck and fleece I can find, plus whatever jeans are comfortable. All my outside gear matches, right down to the gloves, so I look ok on the outside!

Summerset said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about hiking. I have a tatty old pair of chinos for that, plus a climalite tee in coral orange (better to find me amongst the trees); I do keep good socks and boots, though.