Sunday, January 13, 2008

Overdosing on Project Catwalk!

It was a glorious sewing day today! I was expecting Daughter #2's boyfriends parents to come for a visit- but noone showed. Or if they did, I was in too much of a zone to notice them!
I found Project Catwalk on Youtube. I embarked on a marathon viewing/sewing session and got so much done! I really, really hated Project Catwalk though! In general the designers were, um um not good at all! I am watching to the bitter end though!
I finally finished the rejected New Years dress. I will wear it to my parents 50th Wedding anniversary party this week instead. No pics on me - you will have to settle for my dressform supermodel.

I also started on Laurens new coat. I am making it in a grey tweed wool that I got from Metro Textile in NYC. I am using Burda 7878. I don't really use Burda patterns often, although I am a BWOF fan. When I read these instructions through- after cutting out the fabric, I found out that there were instruction sheets missing. A trip to the fabric store was to no avail, as the only copy they had left included the same instructions. I have left a message with Burdamode and hopefully they can remedy my problem. I know you are all saying "Connie you do not need the instructions", but still I would like them to know about the problem.

It is constructing itself very well andvery quickly, although it looks a titch BORING to me. Lauren requested a double breasted coat and this one, while it has cute lines, does not really avail itself to much in the way of embellishment.
Lauren darling if you read this- what do you think of something like this to pretty it up?
Some sort of deconstructed look involving black wool, net or chiffon and beads? I was also thinking of handstitch outlining some of the seams in black.
Let me know!

Oh yes - I just finished watching the runway episode of Season 2 of Catwalk. They have vindicated themselves - Wayne's runway was "brilliant"!


Summerset said...

Nice coat! It will be interesting to see how it turns out and what the embellishment will be.

kasizzle said...

Love the fabric for the New Year's outfit.
I think the embellishments on the coat will be great.

Kat said...

I absolutely cannot wait to see the finished coat!