Thursday, January 03, 2008

So WHAT did I end up wearing for New Years??

Ah you want to know do you? Actually I should tell you what we did first! Usually we do one of two things- go to the local town dance, where we know pretty well everyone and dance up a storm, or go to a house party with some very close and dear friends. This year we decided to mix it up a bit- friends of ours invited us out to dinner at a well known, small (holds 32 customers) restaurant run by two hilarious gay guys. We always meet the most interesting people when we eat there! You end up talking to almost everyone in the place just because the place is so small and intimate feeling. The owners play up the alternative card in a very clever manner- the "girl" in the hidious dress behind the bar is really a guy, they have posted every letter and card they have ever recieved on the wall on the way to the bathroom, the drinks they offer have embarrassingly funny names- you get the idea. Most people in the area know of the restaurant, including my 82 year old mother in law!

Yes Connie, but did you end up wearing the dress you were working on?

Sorry readers, but no I did not- hanging my head in shame as I was galloping so happily on my high horse of going beyond the "glitsy" New Years Eve dress trend.

I ended up loving the dress- it fits well and looks good. The "Fashion Critics Times Five" (or the ones who were home anyways) decreed that the dress was cute and all, but infinately more "going to a meeting" or church worthy than attending a soiree for New Years. "sigh" I promise photos and a review soon.
Back to the drawing board it was. I found some black sheer fabric with beading in the stash. It needed a simple design so I chose McCalls 5425. It was in the stash and was quick and easy.

I lined the dress with bright teal and made the scarf/tie from some black chiffon.

I did not want to ruin even more needles by doing a rolled hem on the hem, so (whispering here) I used fusible stuff!! It worked, but is not, not up to Couturesmith standards!

Here is what it looked like! I was so excited about my hair. I hate doing my hair because I really suck at it. French braids for the kids easy. Making my hair look presentable - not so good. I have been channeling Debra Messing lately though after watching reruns of Will and Grace on DVD while sewing. I love her hairdo's and tried pinning mine up a la messy organized Grace. It actually worked! This is me mugging for the camera and totally eclipsing Mike! This one is better of Mike in all his splendor. We had an awesome time, met some fun and interesting people and were back to work- yes work on New Years Day!- by 9 am.

Happy New Years Everyone. Now time for Resolutions!
Oh here is a heads up as to what is going on in the Bontje house soon- a NEW website all my own courtesy of Erica. As soon as we can get together - and honey that should be soon you new graduate you!- it will be ready for all to see. Second is my new job which begins next week. I am very excited about it. By the way it is in addition to not replacing my current job so I am a bit worried about sewing and blogging time!


Shannon said...

I love your dress - that fabric is gorgeous!!

Summerset said...

I love the dress - very easy, but the fabric makes it so elegant. You make a very handsome couple!

Summerset said...
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Summerset said...

Double comment above! Sorry!

Rhoto said...

"For New Years this year I decided that I don't want to be sparkly or glittery. I want to be classic and understated (riigghhtt Connie!)"
You--and your personality--suit sparkly well!!
Happy New Year and all the best with your zillion new directions/ adventures!! (Think I need a nap now...BUT, we're back to University next week)
Rhonda in Montreal

Karen said...

Hot stuff there, Connie! I can't wait to see the other dress, but this was beautiful and festive.

Vicki said...

Love the dress. So simple but really classy.