Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ahhhhh...I feel good...

After months of back trouble, Mike finally convinced me to visit a chiropractor. I have always been loath to go - surely I can heal myself, I always think. But it didn't! Working, walking, skiing was painful- even sewing! Snowboarding - forget it. It was getting ridiculous, so I let myself get pushed!
What a difference! I have had three sessions this week, the first one being an assesment and xrays. I feel like a million bucks! I have cleaned, vaccumed and gotten things done in the barn that I was putting off cause it would hurt way too much. I am a new person! Too bad the snow is gone or I would even snowboard this weekend.

Sewing wise I have been quiet for a few weeks. But then again I have not even reviewed or written about the projects that I finished lately.
Here are some pictures - "The girls and their mother. Not a particularly good photo of my dress. With the exception of Kate(bridesmaid with her hair in an updo) I made all the dresses in the last few weeks. Here is Erica and Denis..

Leah and Tim...

Kate and Scott - they are using this photo for their "Save the Date" Stuff
I can't seem to find one of Lauren...whoops here is one although she seems to have make it black and white instead of navy lace over hot pink crepe!

Wedding dress wise - things are going along swimingly. The undercorset(?) fit first try and I constructed the dress out of a not so lovely black crap to see about the silhouette. I will have to wait until Kate comes home to go any further. I want to make the crinoline now and I can't start that until I have the proper waist to floor measurements. Then we are off to Toronto to try to find some lace - like 5 metres of it! Everything we have loved so far is over $100 metre.
Now to post this and see if it works! I don't always have luck in that department even though I am one of the more computer literate people around!

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