Thursday, March 29, 2007


Right now I am spending my time mourning the death of a dear friend. I met Mary through her 5 children who were members of a 4H club I lead. She was a wonderful, lively, religious, takative person who was alway great to be around. Everywhere I went with her , she either knew or was related to someone. Last October she was diagnosed with what we originally thought was breast cancer, but later found out was bone cancer.
On March 16th she was on her way to a bone scan and to buy her mother (who was also with her) a dress for her mothers 85th birthday. They hit a truck that did not stop for a stop sign. her mother was killed instantly, and was buried on her birthday.
Mary was in a coma on life support until March 25th. Her family had to make the incredibly difficult decision to disconnect her. I was privliged enough to spend some time in the hospital with her during those last few days.
It is all too too sad to even contemplate. That wonderful family without a mother. Ike without his best friend, the girls without that special person at such an important age, and the boys without their anchor.
Life is not fair

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Dawn said...

I'm sorry for your loss....