Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another suprise blown!

And I had such high expectations on this one! Mike's birthday is next week and Katrin had invited us up for the weekend. There is a $500 dollar a plate dinner with Stephen Harper and we were going to sit at the table right next to him! For free! Mike would have loved that so much. No go anymore for reasons I refuse to go into. Maybe Katrin can come down here instead.....are you listening girl?

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Lorna said...

Wow! That dinner is supposed to be a big event ... if it is a matter of having a place to stay, you know we have an extra room! We'd be going ourselves but Brian can't be home that weekend. No fun getting all dolled up without him to see it! You should come up anyway ... we can always go shopping at Darrell's. You may have the bride's fabric picked, but you still need your own!