Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Costume designs

My friend Barry and I have been singing together for a few years. We have evolved from a cabaret ensemble of 12, to a group of 5, to now just the two of us. We are working on a series of shows showcasing each decade from the 1920's to the present. While the vocal arrangements have taken up the bulk of time, I have started to focus on costuming for it lately. Now that we have a gig - this weekend- the pressure is on! Barry envisioned a flapper dress for me that could transform from a modest 19teen's style to the more daring - "oh dear show my KNEE?!" mid 20's. Riiiight Barry!

So I took a BWOF dress - pics later- and omitted darts to loose the image of a waist.
I added two tiers of ruffles, and fringe on those. To do the transformation, I made two additional sets of ruffles on lining fabric, and velcroed them to the main dress. Now, at the appropriate points in the show, I can take them off and "voila" - a new dress! I just hope it doesn't come across toooooo cheesy!

Some hints about my surprise.....looks like I will need an umbrella!

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