Friday, May 25, 2007

How did I end up with TWO sewing rooms??!!!

Honestly - it was a gradual thing. I have a great sewing room on the main floor of the house. Built in cabinetry, huge window, room for 3 machines and 2 dress forms. I share half of the room with myself and our business office- 2 computers, three printers and a fax machine. The cabinetry was actually designed for us and featured at a local home and garden show as a "office and craft room"

So why 2 sewing rooms?

Well you all know that Kate is getting married in October. And I am making her dress. And my dress. And Laurens dress.

Perhaps you didn't know that her husband to be works for us. Neither he nor Kate wanted him to see the dress before "The big day" With the anticipation that I would only have one child home for the summer, I decided to designate the small bedroom as "the Wedding Room" I set it up with my extra machine, Kates desk from University and some storage area. It is a GREAT little room - I can disappear and no one remembers where I am.

However - Lauren - who graduates from High School in a few weeks- had originally decided to work at a resort in BC for the summer/fall and put off going to University for a year. All of a sudden she changed her mind and is staying home for the summer and heading off to Carleton in Ottawa in the fall. Of course needs a bed. Then Micaela decided she needed to come home from Vancouver as she is missing us all too much - another bed needed. WELL GIRLS- you will have to do some room sharing for a while. I do remember on our Europe trip when we stayed at the convent- you all were afraid to have your own rooms because you were used to sharing. Well it's sharing time again 'cause I want my 2 sewing rooms!!!!

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