Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fabric and lovely children

What a crazy weather we are having. Yesterday was beautiful, HOT and sunny - that is until my tee-off time. THEN it poured rain. My golf partner- rain or shine unless there is lightning- which there was- decided to forgo the golfing and go straight to the 19th hole - refreshments! We chatted a while then I headed home to clean the office. To reward myself, I pulled out Simplicity 4076 which is the scoop neck with gathers tshirt. I cleaned the office, cut out fabric and sewed the tee all while watching "Dream Girls". BTW not as great a movie as I had anticipated, but the music made it worth the watch. So I ended up with this- Completely wearable- I am going to make the next one a couple of inches longer and do something to make the sleeves more fitted.
I finally got a photo of the fabric I got in Vancouver. No more kitschy souvenir purchases for me on vacation- a nice length of fabric please and thank-you.
I want to make a jacket from it - I need to find a nice fitted but with not too many pieces - pattern.
I found this note on the kitchen table last week. It is so nice to have Kate back home for a while after her being away for 4 years. She is so good to Lauren- most of the time! I think it is hard for Laur being the youngest - and feeling left behind. Kate likes to plan adventures for the two of them - whether it is a hike or a movie or wedding planning- what a sweet young lady she has become!


Anonymous said...

haha, to me that note reads "Lauren you BETTER come shopping with me OR ELSE."
But anyways, we are famous for our note leaving! I remember one summer you guys went to Killarney and Erica and I had to stay home and work, and we were basically in and out of the house at opposite times all week and never saw each other and by the end of the week our table was completely covered in notes to each other. :)

Lorna said...

HA! Found ya ... thanks for the directions to the new location!

Marji said...

We have a Katie and a Lauren here too.
Katie just went back to Georgia Monday, but came for Laurens HS graduation.
ohh, I love the Elegance Fabrics - oh to see them inperson and be able to pick up something as a remnant. Lucky you!