Thursday, May 10, 2007

My big suprise - and it was successful!

I just got back from a surprise visit to Micaela (daughter #2) in Vancouver. Her wonderful, generous boyfriend helped me arrange the surprise. It was so funny to knock on her door at 1am and have her blurt out "MOM- what are YOU doing here"!
We had a perfect week - even the heavy misty days could not stop us. I also got to spend time with my best friend Katrin who was in Vancouver presenting a paper. Silly me- the pictures are on my other computer - but I will post some for sure.
My absolute favourite place that we visited was Bowen Island- It is a 20 minute ferry ride from West Van and I sooooo want to move there- I can see a unique fabric store or town theatre there for sure. I DID call home and tell them to put a For Sale sign up before I got home - but no one listened to me.
I checked out some Vancouvervfabric stores on PatternReview, and managed to get to Elegance Fabric Of course I could not leave there without buying something! I decided on a beautiful Italian cotton in a reversible black and white geometric design for a jacket, and some blue lining fabric for my wool denim from Ann at GeorgeousThings.
I wonder if one can change their blog name? I have decided that seamingly simple sounds too juvenile- There was a shop on (you guessed it) Bowen Island that had the owners name, then underneath was "goldsmith, silversmith, songsmith" I loved it (and it was much better than the van I saw once "Eileen's Bakery and Taxidermy" ouch!
So does "Fabricsmith" sound like it may work? Fashionsmith? couturesmith? hmmm I will have to think on that.


Anonymous said...

Mom it was an AMAZING surprise, thank you so much for visiting! Although now I am anxious for more visitors... not til June though :(

Lorna said...

Glad I could help pull this off ... Micaela, you may read her blog, but you can't read her e-mails!

Anonymous said...

That's true, and actually the day after she left, Kent (my boyfriend) left his email open on the computer and I saw that he had tons of emails from my mom, planning the trip! GOOD THING he did not leave it open by accident earlier!

MarilynB said...

If you are going to change your blog name, then I vote for Couturesmith--it's rather original. However, Connie, I really do like the Blog name your have right now. Many of us can identify with it.