Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kallisti quilts

- Is that not a cute quilt?
Another website! Perhaps this is an omen that I have not spent enough time at the sewing machine lately! I did finish a lovely pair of wool pants today though- pics and review to follow later.
Kallisti quilts has uber-lovely fabrics. Leah (who seems to have an adversion to sewing machines) even downloaded a quilt photo to use as our computer display.
I will try to link the URL- hmm for some reason I cannot get hyperlink to work - here is the addy instead http://www.kallistiquilts.com/
The organization of the site is not great- you have to do some digging to find some of the fabrics- I like the Japanese ones best. They would make a great handbag.
Oh yes- a Canadian company- Michelle is (I believe) near Waterloo, Ontario (an hour west of Toronto for all you non Cans)
Lots to do this week- bottling wine for KAtes wedding, our inagural baseball game on Wednesday(go Survivors!) and I think Gordon Lightfoot is in London at the Aeolian Hall on Thursday if anyone is interested....
Later Gator

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