Friday, July 27, 2007

Weddings and dresses

A bride I know who is getting married this weekend called me up yesterday and said to tell Miss Kate to elope as the total stress of the wedding was overwhelming. I mentioned that little fact to Kate's fiance who said- "what's so difficult- as far as I can see we both show up, I wear a tux and that is all we need" MEN!
Did I mention that the dress bodice is done??!! Kate is trying to decide whether she wants beading on the bodice or not. Here is a shot..okay three shots....a row of chiffon pinned on
The bodice - complete - but not yet steamed We had a little lace sequining party last night. Mom, Kate, Lauren and myself, with my dad offering glue (again MEN!) and drinks. Our very own little sweatshop!Here is the Bride working on a piece of the train.This shot is of Lauren - little Miss Thorndale Fair Junior and Senior Royal past winner (baking/sewing and crafts)
I especially like this shot of mom's hands- those hands don't look 70 do they? She can do absolutely ANYTHING with them. Like me, sewing is her passion although quilting and other hand work is her forte. And little old me- bent over that lace thinking "why the double 7 3 4 upside down did we not just buy the friggin already embellished lace"!! By the way -does anyone have ANY sleeve ideas"
...did I mention the bodice is done?!!!!

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Gorgeous Things said...

I'm late reading this. That bodice is simply stunning! I would not bead it, and let the ruching do the talking. What did you decide to do???