Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday, Monday

No sewing accomplishments to report - I'm afraid that Round Tuit hasn't helped much yet! I have realized however that those of you who stumble across this blog - and you are out there!- do not really know much about me the person.

So, for your reading pleasure, here is what I did yesterday, Sunday August whatever it was!

I was up around 7ish- early for many people on a lovely, HOT Sunday morning, but I had things to do. Made a fruit salad and a few other brunch type foods, and headed to the barn to make sure the pigs were happy. *sigh* there is just no pretty looking polite way to say I am a pig farmer. Picture a teacher or a nurse or a corporate laywer and you all picture tidy, confident, CLEAN! Say you are a pig farmer and all people think of is filth and smell. Just to let you know it ain't so! Okay, I could rant about this all day, but I won't. Suffice to say the sows were wanting a cigarette after I was done with them.
Back to the house, a shower and a pretty dress, and Mike and I were off to church. I have played guitar in the choir since I was 12, and still enjoy doing that every week.
After church we rushed home as we were having brunch guests. Old friends Deb and Ken, new friends Pam and John, our daughters Mic and Lauren, Mike and myself. We didn't linger long over coffee as the daughters were offf to their jobs, and the rest of had to meet 2 other friends on the golf course. Deb, Pam and I golf together on Tuesdays at the course that our family owns - The Fox and we thought it would be nice to try a different course. Cobble Hills Golf Course is where I generally spend my winters as a Ski Patroller- I know what you are thinking- a golf course that is also a ski hill??? We take what we can get in Southwestern Ontario! We met up with Bob- a lonnnnnggg time friend and Norma - another long time great friend, and golfed 18. Norma actually met up with us on hole number 4 as she was finishing up playing 18 for the club championship! We laughed a lot, duffed a lot - but I managed to birdie #9- yah I know - me and Tiger! It drizzled a bit, but we need it badly so no one was complaining.
I bet you think our day was done! Not so, not so. We drove into London to meet up with Norma's husband Jim, and Bob's wife Cathy who had cycled into London. They are golf holdouts, and Cathy had never cycled into London before. Jim has his bike permanently attached to his butt! We were going to eat at Ribfest-a local fundraiser, but it was raining too hard by that time, and Ribfest is an outdoor event. We plunked ourselves down at a local restaurant and spent even more wonderful, hilarious times with some great friends, good food and liquid refreshments!

Now you know what I do for fun! I promise I will get back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!

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