Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mother of the Bride! Times TWO!

I am now the proud mother of two brides to be! Erica and Denis became engaged last weekend- Congratulations my darlings! How sweet that it happened for your 25th birthday,and at one of our most romantic locations - Niagara Falls. Here they are (on the right) along with daughter number2 Micaela.
Give me some time to breathe after Kate and Scott's though!

On to the current wedding and my mother of the bride dress. I have always loved this dress, and am making the view on the right hand side.
It is OOP but I managed to get it from a fellow PatternReview member in California. I got some luscious brown - more of a mocha than deep chocolate- silk charmeuse with a bit of stretch(LA Fabrics in Toronto) and am lining it with some brown bridal fabric also with some stretch (from Fabricland). For the upper bodice with ruching I am going to head back to Toronto. I am picturing a copper or brown lace. I know I saw some when I was last there, but I was not ready to commit. I am now! We (me, hopefully my friend Deb, husband Mike and his friend Bob(a great fabric shopper btw for a straight married 25 years farmer guy!)) are heading down to a Blue Jays game in Toronto and the Rogers Centre just happens to be a couple of blocks from the fashion district.
I cut back a titch on the train of the dress- but the grooms mother and I decided we rate at least a bit of a train! She is great -as his her son! - we used to play baseball together back when the to-be-weds were kids. She is wearing a "mother of the groom beige" (her label not mine!) with lots of bling. But i digress.
Well this post was perculating in blogland, and since then I was able to watch the forementioned Jay's LOSE against the Oakland A's from our front row, 1st baseline seats. I dragged the wonderful friends around the various fabric shops of Queen Street and came home with this EXPENSIVE beautiful lace. The photos are simply awful- late nights are getting to me!
Mom - don't even ask what it cost a metre- just be thankful you do not have to do any embellishing!

I cut it out tonight and it looks gorgeous! ANDDDD it matches these totally fantabulous shoes to a tee!
I have never had shoes that came with their own shoe bag! And I probably never will.
The other things that are occupying my time now are our new barn, our local fall fair- of which I am Homecraft President and realllllyyyy need to get to work on, and a Murder Mystery that I agreed to act in. arrggh I need more hours in a day.


Erica said...

Thanks for putting up that picture - I've been looking for it!

Those are nice looking shoes...but maybe you should stick a < p > tag (without the spaces, naturally) before the img src tag so you can see the entire picture on the blog...

Ariane C said...

That will be a beautiful dress! I can't wait to see it finished.

christina said...

What a wonderful pattern, and the fabric you found is perfect. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Lorna said...

My my ... you've been busy! I love that brown for your colouring! I can't wait to see the finished product. You'll have to bring it up when you next come up!
Or we could go shopping at Darrell's for the next wedding ...

Connie Bontje said...

Erica - I see the whole photo...walk me through next time you are home pulease

Summerset said...

I've loved that pattern too! Gorgeous shoes - I can't wait to see the gown!