Friday, August 24, 2007

Officially insane

Every bride and brides mommy need a stole to wear to church correct!
With that in mind I found this Vogue Pattern and decided that a "mink stole" would be in order.

I have the faux mink- and I can easily do that at the last minute if I find the time. If not - there will be other weddings!

I am not sure if "Stag and Does" are the vogue in other areas of the country. Wikipedia says that- A stag and doe party, also known as a hen and stag party, is the equivalent of a combined bachelor and bachelorette party. This is gaining popularity among wedding parties that have an overwhelming majority of attendants who are in relationships, where there are not enough single people to steer their half of the group to a strip club, or to convincingly blame afterwards.

In Canada, a stag and doe, or buck and doe, is a wedding tradition popular in rural Southern Ontario.[1] The event is held by a bride and groom before they are married, similar to a combined bachelor party and bachelorette party, but acting as a fundraiser for the wedding. Guests purchase entrance tickets and are entertained, typically, with games, food, and alcohol, all of which usually also cost money. Door prizes and raffles are also common events at a stag and doe.

It sounds pretty shady said like that, but they are almost mandatory in our part of the country- and I stress country. The kids have a large circle of friends, most of whom we cannot accomodate at the actual wedding. This way they all get to celebrate anyways. Kate and Scott were going to hold it in a friends barn converted to a party place, but an illness in their family caused them to ask us to find an alternate venue. We decided this was an opportune time to clean out the driveshed! The shed is clean, the fatted pig is ready to barbeque and the band is booked- imagine having a band for the party and a DJ for the wedding! I hope I survive!

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Lorna said...

They have these in the Prairies as well only they call them "Wedding socials". Brian had to work on one as best man for his old friend's wedding 2 years ago. Really a neat idea ...