Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's been a while!

Yes I know!!!

I have been busy I promise you. I have my MOB dress almost ready to show! I have a few issues with the zipper in the back. The top 4 inches is only lace, and I am afraid that an invisible zipper will look *blech*. I am thinking of (for that section) using small covered buttons - like on the back of wedding dresses. I think that will look more elegant. Other than that it looks great. I promise to take a photo when the zipper is in!

I am in the process of attaching the lace to the wedding dress- I am NOT going to show any more photos of that until it is finished! Kate and I were trying to decide what to put at the junction of the ruching and the lace- about empire height. After trying a million ideas we found that a simple band of ruched chiffon looked best. For the sleeves we were alternating between ruched chiffon or lace. The chiffon won out. It will be a bit more work but I think I can do them tonight.

Life has been hectic lately. People ask me if the wedding is keeping me busy- my reply is that there are too many things to worry about BEFORE that! The Western Fair and our 4H kids is done. 42 kids plus 42 hogs for a day at the fair is tiring! The stag and doe is done! It went over very well- check out the girls site (or click on the link at the side) It went very well. Lots of friends, great music aaanndd I got to live out my "dance on the bar" fantasy!

Still to come? The Thorndale Fair (of which I am Homecraft President) goes on next weekend. Really a whole week and a half if you consider that set up, judging etc all occurs the week before the fair. I will do a whole post on that afterwards.

I am also newly involved in a Murder Mystery group. Our first performance is the end of September and well of course I need a new costume or two!

I am planning on attending Pattern Review weekend in New York City again. I need to make a list of what I NEED this year! My next plans are to do my first SWAP. I am tentitively thinking of revolving around peacock blue
Grey, and black. More thought on that to follow!


Summerset said...

Girl, you are super busy!

I'd definitely do buttons and thread loops on the lace portion. It will look more elegant and give it more of a custom touch!

Good luck!

Lorna said...

With that blue, I would consider going for chocolate brown instead of the grey, unless it is a dark charcoal grey.

Erica said...

It's probably too late now, but I don't think that the fabric-covered buttons will look good on the dress. just my opinion...I think that might be a little too old fashioned for the dress.

Connie Bontje said...

Honeybunch - aint no way covered buttons are "oldfashioned" You may be happy though- or dismayed! that I am instead using some of my antique buttons that I have upstairs in the Wedding Room. I couldn't find any covered ones that were tiny enough