Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Mother of the Bride is going to look FABULOUS!

I am so excited about my dress! The bodice fits like a dream, the neckline is perfect, and the zipper in the back turned out right the very first try! All that is left is a bit more handstitching on the lace at the neckline, taking in the sleeves a titch and getting the loops and (gulp) 24 buttons sewn on. THEN and only then can you have a peek. Well I should steam some wrinkles out too.

I was combining beans the other day. Dark red Kidney beans if anyone cares. They get exported to England, so next time any of you Britians open a can of beans, think of me. It is a hot, dusty job that requires me to watch 4 things at a time, but it gives me some me time alone with me, the radio and my lines for the next Murder Mystery
I was tired of my own thoughts and Dr Joy Browne was over, so I was listening to CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corp). I listen to them on and off- I get peeved when they start agriculture bashing- but that day they had an interesting piece. It was about a family with five daughters aged 15-22. Here is a transcript of the intro..
The Dargis family is still in mourning. The five girls, ranging in age from 15 to 22, lost both their parents, Jean and Joanne, and their grandmother, Anita, in a plane crash a month ago. The girls, though, have vowed to continue to family business -- a large farm and feed company in Alberta.
It hasn't been easy, but a few days ago, the community stepped in to help out. Nearly thirty neighbouring farmers showed up with their combines and plows to help harvest three quarter sections of barley.
Leona Dargis is the eldest of the Dargis girls. We reached her on her combine on her family's farm in St. Vincent, Alberta -- about two hours east of Edmonton

It made me wonder how our own 5 daughters would cope if anything (God forbid) were to happen to Mike and I. One difference between those five and our five is that we didn't raise our girls to necessarily be farmers. They all have grown up with such varied interests. Film. Kids, gerontology, criminology- and one agriculturally minded girl. They all know how to feed and care for animals, but it just wouldn't be their first choice. I know our neighbours would be the kind to pitch in.

The girls are all quick to lend a hand as well in the community - does that come from so many years of being volun-told? (voluntold is our term for when the darling mother (me) says at a meeting, gettogether, church, random situation "Oh (insert name of any or all daughters here) would love to help out. You say you need her at 6am for the entire day? Well she was just going to the beach, but she can do that any day! That being said, Micaela came home from work the other day and said that she had decided that she wanted to be a Brownie leader. Well it just so happened that our town was without one. Less than 24 hours later her and Katelyn were Brown Owl and Tawny Owl!
Don't you just LOVE moms?


Summerset said...

You will be fab! I can't wait to see this dress.

Isn't it wonderful when your children want to give back to your community, church, etc? Looks like you've done a great job with your daughters!

Erica said...

You classify my interests under "Film" alone. I beg to differ. I'll take culture, media, technology, and the entertainment industry.

Also, that is one crazy story about those 5 daughters - so close in age and only 7 years apart - just like us.

PS - don't EVER get on a plane again, ok? Same for dad. You may as well destroy his snowmobile(s), too.

Erica said...

Erica said...

Ignore above. Click here.

SuzyQdargis said...

Hello there, I am suzanne dargis one of the dargis girls that you speak of in this blog. It has been a little over a year now and though the pain is still there as if it was yesterday that we lost our parents, we have continued on with the farm and our own personal lives. I am currently taking Fashion in Olds college, another sister is taking Vetenary medicine, yougest in high school and the eldest two are harvesting lynn's crop right now.
I am surprised that someone actually responded or listenned to that segment on the radio, and find it interesting that you also have a family of five girls.