Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Am I a Snob? or a Couturesmith?

My sister-in-law popped over last night with an auction listing. She knows I am looking for about 300 metres of fabric to use as skirting for our Fair Board display cases, and this aution had
Partial List- Over 500 Bolts of Various Materials ( Gaberdin-Fancy Trims – Edging -Fringes-Satin-Wool Blends-Bridal-Suiting Material-Cotton Prints-Chiddon-Party Fabrics-Upholstry Material-Rope-Elastic-Chintz Brocade-Swag Backs-Poly Blends-Etc.) Huskylock 340D 4 Thread Compact Serger Sewing Machine, Husqvarna Prism 990s Computerized Single Thread Portable Sewing Machine, Singer 251-12 Heavey Duty 1/2hp. 110v. Table Model Single Thread Sewing Machine (leather-canvas-boat tops-etc.), Singer Diana 860 Single Thread Portable Sewing Machine, Display Stands, 2 New Dress Maker Models –Fully Adjustable Up To Size 50, Boy-Girl-Adult Manequins, Large Quanity Related Items New & Used – Scissors-Zippers-Embroidery-Threads-Links-Plier-Fasteners-Hooks & Eyes – 5 Draw Metal Pattern Cabinet – Craft Supplies Halloween Christmas – 60 Gift Baskets – 40 New Winter Wool Sweaters Etc.

Whew! So I went!
What a mishmash of CRAP- whoops I mean one persons treasure. We ( a lady I befriended and I) managed to find out that everything came from one lady's home based dressmaking and wedding decorating business. We saw tags from Polka Dot and Montreal Textiles- both of which have been out of business for over 20 years! Don't people know what a trash bin looks like?

Having said that, I did manage to snag 100metres plus of red (all unknown fibre) fabric. I really don't care what it looks like for the table skirts that people see for 2 days once a year.
What I could not get over was what some people will buy to make quilts out of. Even if it is for "charity", don't the recipients deserve good quality?
I did also pick up a pattern cabinet in good quality, and 2 antique dress forms ($15 TOTAL for the 3!) Also when I went to pick up said cabinet, the auction house pressed upon me 200 patterns that someone decided they did not want. Mostly circa 1980! I took those home, ruthlessly weeded and ended up with about 50 that I will keep. Those were nice staple, vintage childrens patterns and a bunch of wedding dress patterns that I may be able to take some styling from.
So does turning my nose up at inferior fabric make me a snob? Nah- just a couturesmith with taste!

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