Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wedding progress

Some wedding progess was actually accomplished today!
A huge shout out to my mom and sister who spent a few hours with me in the warm afternoon creating the table centrepieces. They are made from wheat that Mr Scottie McHottie planted and Katelyn harvested. It is apt that they use the fruit of their labours! Can you believe that I even got a SUNBURN! On October the 3rd no less! This is where we sat.....
watching our cute guys tear my barn down so that I can have a new, "state of the art facility" (don't get an incorrect impression of me - I am generally one of the ones getting my hands filthy- it's just - jeeze -sometimes a girl has to bond baby!)
Here are a few shots of my guys (The future son-in-law Scott, darling of mine Mike and my dad -aka"workaholic"I am sooo pleased with this shot of my dad. Generally he mugs for the camera or is shy about it, but I was using a telephoto lens and I got a great one!

Can't leave wedding planning talk without a few photos of some other of our design skills. Some of the wheat sheaves in temporary containers(they will be free standing)
We are going to "monogram" some pumpkins as the wedding is Oct 27th. Just a little something to fill our hours the evening before the ceremony whilst engaging in deep,meaningful conversation with our out-of-town relatives and friends while emptying a keg of beer!
A couple of the pew decorations
- we grew and dried most of the materials used- Yes, we are nuts thank you very muchAs payment for helping me today my sister wanted to see my dress, and the wedding dress. How could I refuse! Since it is unfair to show her and not all of you- here is a VERY BAD snap of the top of the dress!Please ignore the green thing happening underneath the dress - I have a temporary green tee on that dressform - nuff said!
Did I happen to mention today how absolutely sweeet my darling husband is? Someone came over today to interview 2 of our daughters who are going to be the Brownie leaders in our nearby town. She commented on how pretty my dress was, so I simply said "thanks". My husband leaned over and said "she made it herself you know" Well gobstop me- the lady had assumed it was purchased! DUH- it was in the kitchen on a ducttape dressform with a note pinned to it as to what is left to do on it!

I never really thought he cared about or admired my sewing before- I am thrilled beyond belief that I was wrong!!


Summerset said...

Your dress is absolutely wonderful! I've always liked that pattern and your version is elegant; just right for a mother of the bride.

Your family is amazing - this wedding will be so special just due to all the loving hands that helped to make it possible.

Erica said...

Awww, opa DOES look great there. Great shot!
Dad is indeed a sweetheart! On Friday night at the fair no one that I saw was smiling harder than he was when I stood up as a past ambassador :)

MéLisa said...

Wow your dress is fabulous! I love the idea of a fall themed wedding! I am looking forward to seeing how it all pulls together on the day. You will be posting pics right?