Saturday, October 06, 2007

Turkey, kids and handbags

Happy Thanksgiving! The weather has been glorious- I cannot remember another Thanksgiving in my history when we were able to eat turkey and tooo many wonderful desserts on the deck in tank tops! It is so nice to have all of the "childrens" around even though Lauren will be heading back to Ottawa tomorrow. Even Leah graced us with her presence - for a couple of hours!

Kate and I decided today that it would be nice to put all of the bridesmaids gifts together in a handbag. Ummmm so I offered to make them! Only four of them, plus a mini for little Chloe. I sped off to Len's Mill End - where you CAN find nice fabric if you are willing to dig. Leah and I came up with a cute brown and pink swirl cotton for the lining, but no suitable outer fabric. I hate it when I have a certain picture in my head that has to be satisfied.
Then I remembered Tonic Living- a Toronto based company that has the cutest fabric. We picked this one
and hope that it will arrive very very very soon! If you live in Ontario, there is FREE SHIPPING to postal codes that begin with N, M, and L!!
I have about 15 different bag patterns in the house, but of course none of them were what the little screen in my brain was projecting. This evening was actually a free one - those do not happen often let me tell you! - so I designed a pattern, and 2 hours later had a handbag that is too cute for words- I think anyhow. The exterior fabric came from the stash, but I used the lining fabric that I bought for the bridesmaids. I have a friend who will monogram them for me, and I think that I may try to put a little piece of the wedding dress lace somewhere - maybe around my label.

I think they will like them. One more thing for my list!!!!
Now it stands at- finish the wedding dress, finish my dress, hem 3 bridesmaids dresses, make 3 more pew flower thingys, 5 more centrepieces, rolled hems on 6 table runners, finish putting up the new backsplash, wash all the windows, monogram 20 get the idea! I am so lucky that my family believes that it takes a village to marry off a daughter!

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Summerset said...

Very cute bags! That's some kind of "to do" list! You are very fortunate to have family that helps each other with these sort of things.