Monday, October 08, 2007

Project Runway Canada

Project Runway Canada (EH) premiered today on Slice. Normally I would have completely missed this because in MY house we don't believe in satellite (actually the husband man does not believe, and I am too lazy to do anything about it!), EXCEPT...
A. EVERYONE I know made sure that I knew it was on tonight and..
B. I just happened to be spending a few days at with a friend who gets Slice and understands my preoccupation with anything fabric related.

So why is it that we have to pretend we are the USA? I mean to the extent that the term "make it work" was used almost word for word. And Iman - hell we can't even get our own supermodel - we have to borrow one from Somalia- or is it Saudi Arabia?!
I liked some of the redesigns in this first show. The designers had two challenges. The first to design a garment in 30 minutes using white stretch lycra and the second to design an outfit using 3 items from a competitors suitcase. It would have been more exciting to see them choosing fabric themselves. Hopefully we will get to see that in later episodes.
I'll keep watching as often as I can though to see what up and coming Canadian designers have to offer. And maybe to see if I should have entered??!! (sorry - I am on my daughters IMac and don't know all the formatting shortcuts on it !


Erica said...

Iman is gorgeous. Clarification: she's Somalian. Also, holy-friggin-crap, she's 52.
Besides, Heidi Klum isn't even American!

I didn't like the very first challenge. As for the main challenge, I'm glad the guy that got kicked off did, I didn't like his design (if you could call it that), and based on his own personal style, he seemed to be trying to be someone 20 years younger and much 'tougher'.

I very much like the girl that won, and the guy that came in second had a pretty neat dress - I would have gotten rid of the massive sleeves though!

Erica said...

Had to comment again because I though of something else re. Iman and Heidi Klum:
Both of their husbands are musicians - David Bowie and Seal respectively. Maybe that's a pre-requisite for being a PR host? ;)