Sunday, October 21, 2007

On To the Next

I don't want to be a bore with wedding sewing details! However, lately, most of what I have been creating is wedding related. Most of that is out of the way, or at least the light at the end of the tunnel is visible(!) so I can now start to think about my next sewing projects.
I have to admit that I have never done a SWAP (Sewing With A Plan). The bulk of my sewing has been either A. I WANT that, as in a cool jacket or fabric I fall in love with, or B, I NEED that- a dress for a wedding for instance. Looking through my closet lately though, I realize that with a full closet -I don't have a THING to wear! With that in mind, priority number one after wedding is to put together a collection of clothing that go well together, and -and what? "Fashion forward" well yes. "cuting edge"? well yes. I can call it my "Fall Line"!!
One thing I do have to keep in the front of my mind is that my lifestyle, while busy is certainly not 5th Avenue, even though my taste runs that way! I will have to make sure there is a good mix. Another decision that I made is that most of the fabric must come from my stash. I have an embarassing amount of wonderful cuts that need to be seen made up into fabulishious outfits. There would be no harm in augmenting with New York City purchases in two weeks though!
I was toying with the idea of entering the Timmel Swap but their timeline is not condusive to mine. If I get finished in time, I could always create a "Spring Line" for it!
So this is how far I am. Please don't let Katelyn know that I have been working on this instead of writing a Mother of the Bride speech, or finishing handbags or the bustle of the W. Dress!
I have changed my original grey and teal colour scheme with a brown, green and blue one. It's what I seem to have in my stash. No fabric swatches yet- give me time! You can see from the fabric description what they are and where they came from though.
And to end, here is a vintage photo of our beautiful bride to be!

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Summerset said...

A SWAP will be useful to you no matter when you complete it. I see you've included the jacket from V2925, one of my fav patterns! Good luck on finishing all the wedding things, and don't feel guilty for planning a SWAP for yourself! You still need things to wear after the wedding is over.