Monday, November 26, 2007

Instant gratification

It's a snowy, blustery night. My plans for the evening (practice with my singing partner) were cancelled, "My Mike" is in Alberta celebrating his brother's 50th birthday (Mike brought his mother - isn't he sweet!), and I do not feel motivated to work on my sewing projects.
Sooo I took a visit to some of my favourite sewing blogs, and saw that Cidell made some uber cute mittenettes. I had admired them when I saw her in New York City, and re-admired them on her blog. "What the heck" I thought.
An hour later I had three pairs!
Two grey pairs with some beading I had laying around. I used the sleeves and the body as well to get two pairs.
And some striped ones. I unravelled some wool to make some freeform flowers.

Thanks Cidell!!

Bontje ladies- Claim away, the fight is on! ... Erica I could make brown ones to match your coat...


Erica said...

First to reply, first dibs???
Actually I would want a contrasting colour...or black since I wear a black hat and scarf...surprise me?
xoxoxoxo they are totally cute! I want to learn how to make them :D

Kate said...

I want the striped onessss!

Lauren Bontje said...

I dont get it. arent mitts/gloves to keep your fingers warm? These don't cover your fingers?

Connie Bontje said...

Something for Erica, striped are Katelyn's, Lauren - um they are mittenettes- okay so I made up that name. THis way you can type in a cold room or put coins in a parking meter etc etc etc. Jeeze and I though you would like them best!

Kate said...

It's probably just because Lauren is in Cold Cold Ottawa and she realizes that mittens need finger covers.

Bonnie D. said...

I found you via the comment you left me and just spent a few minutes browsing your blog. Sounds like you have a terrific family! Your daughters are beautiful!

Love the mitts. I also saw them on Cidell's blog and think I might have to try them. I have lots of old sweaters!

Anonymous said...


Those are spiffy! Great idea :) Erica told me about your blog over the weekend and I checked it out today. Very nice!


Cidell said...

I LOVE THESE! I need to make mine with more trims. So stinking cute.