Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh the frustration of it all!

I wanted a nice quick and easy project for the weekend. Enter Burda WOF 10/07 and the cute jumper dress.
At least I thought it would be quick!
It was the age old story of more hurry, less speed- or is that less speed more hurry- it should have been less of both I am afraid!
I had the pattern (albiet in Spanish. I know 3 words in Spanish- none of them are used in pattern directions!)
I had the fabric- striped stretch suiting from Paron's in NYC.
I had the vision - Jaeng wore the dress in NYC
I had the time.
I also had the "connie you are an idiot" bang myself on top of my head experiences that only a rank amateur should have!

This is what happened. I cut out the fabric...with the stripes going the wrong way....twice! Which left me no fabric for a belt. Micaela - there will be no belt unless it is black.

I did a good job on the bodice- the understitching is perfect. I used self fabric for the lining. Yay me

I put the sleeves on backwards - only once though!

I sewed the back lining on backwards - and left the stupid thing that way!

I sewed the bodice AND the facing to the skirt instead of only the bodice then hand stitching the lining on. And I did not notice that until I double stitched, and also sewed some grosgrain on for stability as the skirt is heavier than I thought it would be. I would not have done that when I was 12!

Then - to add insult to injury...

I looked at it this afternnon and DDUUHH I sewed both the sleeves AND the skirt to the WRONG side of the bodice- and now of course the understiching is glaring me in the face on the (now) right side of the bodice! It is too late in the game to rip it apart so the only fix is to take out the understitching and hope it will roll to the (now) inside. I won't be able to undertitch that - I may have to topstitch.

Sometimes I wonder why I sew!

Almost forgot a Vintage pic
Mike and I on our wedding day over 26 years ago (yes I made the dress)


Summerset said...

Oh Connie! I've had days like that and wonder why I ever started the project in the first place. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Lovely photo!

Rhoto said...

That's a "Too Funny" story, Connie!! Unbelievable for a woman who sews beautiful wedding dresses!!
Your mind must have been occupied elsewhere, don't you think?
It's a beautiful, fun HOBBY, eh!! No one is shivering, waiting for something to wear...
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Erica said...

You SO would not have made the deadline on Project Runway. Ouch.

Lorna said...

Oh Connie! Just think of this as the ying to the wedding dress yang ... must have balance in the sewing world.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Can we just say that all of us have had those days...and though we can smile at it ain't smiling while its happening that's for sure! Hang in there it will get better!

Kat said...

Connie, I sympathize with your frustration on that project. For the second of the two tops I made for PR Weekend (both extremely easy too!), I made mistake after mistake trying to rush things to get it done. And for what? I didn't even wear it LOL. I hate the equation: Deadline + Fast Sewing = Lots of Seam Ripping.

Thanks for sharing your wedding photo!