Thursday, November 15, 2007

Work Clothes

Does what you wear to work say anything about you as a person? I sure as heck hope not, although I am afraid it does!
When I work, I get dirty..and smelly..
Over the years I have gotten in the really bad habit of wearing the oldest things I have to work. Old sweatshirts that the kids have discarded, old pants that have definately seen better days, or are too short or too big. In the summer I have been known to hack off old sweatpants to shorts levels.
I work at home, and I always wear coveralls in the barn. We do however have an increasing amount of people- salespeople, friends, repair crews- who come around. They always seem to appear when I am outside=looking less than stellar.
They don't make a lot of work pants for a womens figure. Lauren (18) looked for a loonngg time last spring looking for work pants that fit nicely. She found exactly one pair, and that one was a men's pant. One of her biggest beefs was that there is very little availability for a nice fitting "fashionforward" work pant.
Is that counterindicated? fashion forward and work? I should hope not!
She also notice that in the "Dickies" line the marketing label for the mens pants showed a rugged guy type man, the womens marketing hang tag featured a stick thin wonan holding up a wine glass. Now what is with that?
All this does have a point!
I came across a video about nursing scrubs that echoes the same theme. You can view it here. I believe it is the middle video on the right hand side "Scrubs for Scrubs" Madame Erica, if you can figure out if I can save the video clip to my comupter then I can post just the video here.

So the point is, I don't want heavy clothes for work. Wouldn't it make sense for me to make "work scrubs" for myself? Using the right fabric, and styling I can see this making sense to me.

I am going to start posting "vintage shots" of me and mine.
Here is one of my parents when they were dating- over 50 years ago!

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Erica said...

Sorry mom, I can't figure out how to embed the video :( Doesn't look like they allow you to do that, otherwise they would give you a link to embed it.
Cute scrubs, though. Almost makes me want to be a nurse so I can wear them :)