Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Aprons

Christmas is approaching way, way too quickly! I just realized this afternoon that I have yet to get a package together for my sister and her family in Alberta! We don't exchange gifts, but I like to send a little something out to her. The rest of the family all live within 40 minutes of each other, Jeremy's family is in Wales, and she does get a little lonely at Christmas time. At least that is what I tell myself- I know I would!

What a better night than tonights stormy one to get her apron drafted, sewn and reviewed!

You all remember the fabric-

(Hey wow - Blogger has changed! I can see the photo in draft view-how cool is that!)

Next was the "opportunity" to draft my own pattern as-

a) I do not have the perfect pattern at home
b) the perfect pattern is a McCalls that goes on sale NEXT week
c) I lost the Ebay bid on the set of 4 vintage apron patterns that I Really Wanted
d) It is too stormy to get out to Fabricland

So - after searching online for "free" "apron" "pattern" for a really, really long time, I decided to draft my own.

Here is what I came up with- I took a rectangle of fabric 18" X 32. I wanted a few gathers at the hip line, so I softly gathered a 4 inch section that was 4 inches from the centre. (on the top edge of course!)
Hemmed the bottom.
Sewed on the waistband, basically a 3" X 29 inch contrasting fabric, adjusting the gathers to fit.
Narrow hemmed the side seams.

Made two ties about 3 inches wide and 36 inches long. Narrow hemmed 3 sides.
I like the look of a pleated tie, so I made a pleat where I was going to attach it to the waistband.
Then I sewed the ties on. On the photo I crossed them to the front and tied them there.

I found this pocked on my searches. I cannot take credit for the original design, but I did tweak it to my needs. ie made it bigger and the tie ends fatter. Here is the website where it can be found POCKETPDF

Voila la apron for my little sister- well she is over 40 but she is still younger than me!

Merry Christmas Lisa!


Bonnie D. said...

Adorable Apron! I spent part of today also cutting out apron patterns. I hope to get them sewn tomorrow.

Ariane said...

Great apron. It looks wonderful!

Summerset said...

Cute and even more special because you designed it yourself! I'd think anyone would love a gift like that.

Isabelle said...

What a beautiful and unique apron! Great gift, for sure.

Vicki said...

Wow, so cute. Love the fabric and that pocket is gorgeous! Might have to copy that one myself.

Cidell said...

Excellent. I have to make an apron by brunch on Christmas. You have save me some serious head scratching!

Anonymous said...

I am the proud owner now of an ACTUAL Couture Smith Apron, courtesy of my beautiful aunt C.
It is awesome!! It makes me want to stay in the kitchen all day, attempting to bake. And Aunt Connie, if you get a Wrap Dress pattern I am going to need you to make me one:)